Life is crazy. Things are happening and quickly. I haven’t been able to write nor have I had any inspiration to. Here’s some fanfiction-type stuff I wrote last year that was published in my school’s literary magazine. It’s titled Obliviate and can also be found on my wattpad under the username Tabby Selover.

What’s going on? I woke up in a strange bed in an equally strange and unknown house. More of a mansion, really. There was a large stabbing pain on the side of my head and when I tried to touch it I found I couldn’t move. Why couldn’t I move? There was nothing stopping me. I wasn’t chained or tied up. Was I paralyzed?? I tried moving again, to no avail. Panic started to take over and I could feel myself starting to hyperventilate. Taking deep breaths, I assessed the situation. How could I be sure I was paralyzed? I don’t think I was really paralyzed. If I was paralyzed how could I still feel the bed underneath me and the breeze through the open window? Once I knew I wasn’t really paralyzed, my panic subsided. I tried to think of what was keeping me from moving when I became aware of commotion coming from below me. It sounded like a fight. Listening, I made out some of what the people beneath me were saying. “Crucio!” “Expelliarmus!” “Petrificus totalus!” “Sectumsempra!” Each exclamation was punctuated with thuds and screams or laughter. What were they saying? What was going on?? After ten minutes of fighting I started to hear multiple shouts of “Avada Kedavra!” After each time the fighting got more and more quiet. When the battle ended I could hear people talking but wasn’t able to make out what they were saying. Suddenly I heard footsteps approaching the room and someone opened the door. It was a man. He had shoulder length blond hair and dark circles under his eyes. Behind him was a skinny woman with wildly curly black hair. She had a look in her eyes of pure craziness and devotion. Devotion to what? They were both wearing long black cloaks and carrying sliver masks. She addressed the man excitedly: “complete the Dark Lord’s wishes quickly, there is more than this menial task that needs to be done.” “Relax, this will only take a minute.” He replied. His voice sounded sad and desperate, as if he used to be something more than what he was now. The man turned to me, took out a… wand? He said something I couldn’t understand and I became aware that I was able to move again. “Stand up.” he commanded me. “Where am I? What’s going on?” I asked. “Stand up, girl or find out what happens when you go against the wishes of the Dark Lord!” The menace in his voice was not to be mistaken, I stood up obediently and faced them. “Imperio!” What? Why did he say that? At once there came a voice in my head, like a whisper. It was persuading me to follow the man and woman. Commanding me to obey. I had a horrible feeling about this. The voice slithered across my mind like slime “go… Follow… Obey..” I shouted “No!” but realized it was only in my mind that I fought back. My legs were already moving, going out of the door and down a dark hallway. I couldn’t fight back! What was happening? We made our way outside and they pushed me into a car. The windows were tinted so darkly, I couldn’t see out of them. The woman sat in the front passenger seat and turned around to look at me. “Stupefy!” After that everything went black….


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