I need a job…

Does anyone have suggestions on unusual places to work? Somewhere that isn’t retail, food service, factory work, etc. Maybe somewhere I can be creative?


Wanting to read

I’d love to start reading a new novel right now, but all of my books are currently being stored at a friend’s house. 😩 I have at least ten I haven’t read yet and I just don’t want to start an eBook or anything until I’ve read those…


I feel like I’m drowning. Slipping down into all these bad feelings and thoughts. I’m in an ice cold lake that has no bottom, every time I think I can’t get any lower I look down into the darkness and can’t see the end. There’s no one around me but at the same time, I’m not alone. Beings everywhere but not a single one that can help me out of this. They don’t care and I don’t want them to. You see, while sinking into this never ending abyss is torture, I think I’ve grown to like it in here. And I don’t know if I want anyone to help me out of it anymore. Don’t they always say misery loves company?

Quick Update…

Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know I’ve gotten out of that abusive household and now I live somewhere else. They care for me and even though they don’t do great and there’s not a lot to do here, its much better than being where I was and I’m a lot less stressed out. Although I do feel like my depression  has gotten worse and my s/o and I have been drifting apart there are some things to look forward to. Things such as, starting college in December and hopefully getting my first job soon. I hope soon to have something written, even if it’s not something I like. I just want to start posting on here again and get back to my creative self. ❤

Abusive Households

So I’ve just recently come to terms with the fact the my whole life I’ve been living in an abusive household. And I’m trying to get away from it. But its not easy and I don’t know if I really have somewhere to go. Its like being in a hurricane, but things are also looking up at the same time. Getting away from negative people and draining relationships frees you from so much stress and even guilt. I can’t wait to be completely free from this burden.